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Best fishing with Taro Murata

Reviewed September 22, 2017 

A great day of fall fishing on lake Simcoe

I wanted to get my dad out on the water fishing as we were having a nice warm September. The last time I was out with Taro smallmouth bass fishing our 5 fish bag would have been over 37lbs! I'm not joking! How do you top that? 

We met at the dock and our adventure began. Conditions were overcast with some light wind and we started off targeting largemouth bass. Right away were onto the fish! after a few hours the largemouth conditions changed but Taro compensated and kept us active bringing in the biggest perch I have ever seen! We then did some dock skipping for largemouth bass. Very fun technical fishing. The largemouth bass fishing started to slow down with the wind and the overcast sky. The sun came out and the lake became as flat as glass. Taro mixed it up again for us and put us onto my favorite...Smallies! The action was back up and popping again!

We also brought some pike and a bulldog catfish into the boat. 

Overall it was a great day with my retired father and Taro. We took some great pictures and Taro even cleaned up some of those chunky perch for us to take home.

I will be standing in line to go on this ride again. I don't care how long it is!

These perch were the size of running shoes. Don't believe me? Pictures on my instagram @mclovetts75.

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