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Spring Fishing Crappie Tips / Crappie Fishing Kawartha Lakes, Ontario

There are some great Spring crappie fishing tips for site fishing crappie without a bobber. This video is a crappie fishing vlog style video where you can actually learn through watching us fish black crappie in shallow water. On this day we were primarily catch our crappie sight fishing. Over three quarters of In this video you will learn the spring crappie fishing lures we use for sight fishing as well as some spring crappie fishing secrets for stubborn black crappie. Crappie fishing in Ontario is one of my favourite thing to do all year especially when you can target them by eye and with out a float. Hopefully you'll learn a few crappie fishing secrets from watching this video. Sight fishing for black crappie near or on the spawn ranks number one with me. It's definitely is one of the most exciting crappie fishing techniques! If you love fishing you'll define love sight fishing for Black Crappie here in Ontario. If you want to see more check out my crappie playlist. For more spring crappie fishing tips check them out if you have time!

What is the best month to catch crappie?

Think spring!

Crappie are attracted to woody cover regardless of the time of year. A good rule of thumb is to fish shallow during spring and fall, then fish deep during summer and winter.

What time of day is best for crappie fishing?

Evening And Early Morning In the case of crappie, the best time to catch them is during their feeding time, which is most frequently between the hours of midnight and 2 am. Additionally, during dawn and dusk can be good times to catch them, with many of them also feeding during these twilight hours.

What temperature is best for crappie fishing?

68°F to 72°F Water temperatures around the upper-50°F to 60°F range begin to bring crappies shallow into spawning areas. Peak spawning activity generally occurs at water temps of 68°F to 72°F for both black and white crappies.

What is the best bait for crappie fishing?

Minnows Minnows, worms, insects. Just about anything can catch a crappie's attention. You don't have to worry about the color of the bait, and you're only throwing them what they would be eating anyway. Minnows are hands-down the favorite used by most, and some even tip a jig with a live minnow.

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