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Lake Simcoe Bass Fishing|How to Catch Bass In Hot Weather

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

If you want to know hot to catch bass in hot weather here’s one great way shown in this video. On this hot summer day Hiroshi Nishine from start Nishine Lure Works Johns ne while we test his new 1/2 flat bottom soft plastic design. This bait is brilliant because it’s easy to use, easy to cast and you can rig it 100 different ways! Because as use if it’s design it allowed me to cast with pin point accuracy into small dark difficult places where the bass hide and can help anyone catch bass in hot weather! His new fishing masterpiece could be the most revolutionary bait since the senko! #outdoors #sports #fishing CHECK OUT THE NLW NAMAZU IN GRANDMASTER'S STORE HERE >>>>Nishine Lure Works Namazu 5”

Here's the extra details regarding the Namazu 5" ( Catfish ) set ups that were not provided in the video:


For this set up the hook style/shape is one of the most important factors. The Namazu creator Hiroshi Nishine prefers an Owner 3/0 Wide Gap Jungle Hook. The keeper part of the is a little longer than most. This is ideal for heavily premium soft plastic baits like the Namazu. The Namazu is heavily salted and weighs 1/2 of an ounce. The longer keeper section provides extra durability when pitching this set up and it keeps the presentation looking perfect for longer. This premium also allows for amazing hook ups with Nishine's preferences of softer line and rod setups.

Hiroshisan attaches a basic snap to the eye of the hook with a bell sinker. Since its a snap you can easily change the weight too by simply unclipping the snap and switching the weight. The snap and weight system also adds a "hinge" effect providing an awesome action while reducing snags.

"Grandmaster Nishine" is a creative genius, the more I use his creations the more I learn about the magical details and thought he puts into everything he makes.

See the full video for the preferred Namazu Snapshot rod, line and weight set ups.


When it comes this brilliant "Necky rigging" system Nishine use a 5/0 Gamakatsu Weedless Widegap Finesse hook. The key to this is to hook the bait from the flat belly side down. Notice the hook position in photo above, the hook is placed just behind and below the fin. This placement of the hook makes the bait lift and jump sideways off bottom. It has an unbelievable action that is just so unique. Personally I love this when fishing under docks or trees where weed growth is present. The Necky Rig has the ability to lift and hover over the weeds making it an easy target for fish to find and smash.

The Namazu 5" will be sent out this Sept 1st in every Tacklebox Lottery's subscribers box.

Hopefully the video and info provided helps you out a bit if you ever try fishing this way. Please comment and or message me if you have any further questions.

I love hearing feedback and it only helps me get better as I go forward.... Always forward lol! xoxo TM

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