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How to find and catch perch in spring and summer!

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

Perch fishing lures on Lake Simcoe is one of the most fun ways to get jumbo's. One of the best perch fishing lures for Lake Simcoe is the Keitech Easy Shiner. Yellow Perch fishing lures ( soft plastics ) rigged Nishine Lure Works Smeltheads with Keitech Swimbaits could be one of the best big fish set ups! This day was a great start to perch fishing Lake Simcoe 2021 Spring season. My other friends were out there smashing them but mostly with drop shot rigs and we’re smashing them also. I opted for the bigger swimbait to avoid smaller bites in order to extract only big perch. fishing Ontario is definitely a must if you’ve never tried here. I have European clientele that are avid perch anglers and they're always amazed when perch fishing Ontario. And when Perch fishing Lake Simcoe in particular they're always shocked at the average size and numbers of perch we catch there. On this day we catch quite few big perch and we end up keeping a few to try doing a seven layer dip with the Jimmy's Catch And Cook mix. We also cook a bonus desert with the mix. The mix works awesome with perch! If you like perch fishing lures using soft plastic, swimbaits, jigs, hardbaits or drop shot rigs Perch fishing Lake Simcoe 2021 is the spot to do it! Stay tuned for my next video where we'll be perch fishing with three way rigs and drop shot set ups. USE THE CODE "PERCHPOWDER" and get 10% OFF! USE THE LINK BELOW! Get “Jimmy’s Perch Powder” aka Catch and Cook Fish Batter here My Honda Ridgeline Touring My Boat motor - Honda BF-150 Smithwick Rattlin Rogue 👉 My Instagram 👉 GoPro A special thanks to John Whyte for Underwater footage. Check out his channel for more phenomenal underwater fishing footage 👉 Also check out his website here 👉

How deep do you fish for perch?

In shallow lakes, perch might spend the summer in 15-20ft/4.5-6m of water, while in deeperones, they'll gather around submerged islands, rocky shoals and points in water 20-30ft/6-9m deep, sometimes more. Finding a soft mud bottom may help you score.

Where do perch like to hang out?

Perch are typically a schooling fish, which move from place to place seeking food sources. When found, they like to thrive in the bottom portion of the water column, especially at or near the bottom of the lake or river.

What do perch eat for bait?

Luckily, perch are not picky eaters, especially when they're in a feeding frenzy. If you like to use live bait to attract fish, your choices are many: small minnows, insect larvae (think maggots), night crawlers, wax worms and grubs. Perch also go for cut bait like crayfish meat and perch eyes.

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