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Ice Fishing Frozen River for Ontario Trout and Salmon

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

Ice Fishing Frozen Rivers in Ontario for Trout and Salmon Fishing for trout and salmon in the winter months can be intimidating for many, but for the intrepid anglers of Ontario, frozen rivers can be one of the most rewarding experiences available. Ice fishing is a wonderful way to enjoy the outdoors in the winter and the salmon and trout fishing in the frozen rivers of Ontario can be especially fantastic!

Here in Ontario, there are a vast array of frozen rivers that are prime for trout and salmon fishing. The mighty Lake Superior is home to a plethora of salmon and trout, and there are many spectacular rivers and streams to explore as well. Some of the best locations include the Ottawa River, the Madawaska River, and the Bruce Peninsula.

On any frozen river in Ontario, the ice fishing techniques will be similar no matter the species you are targeting. The use of tip-ups, jigging, and angling with bait will all be used to attract the salmon and trout right onto your line. Having both heavy and light tackle handy is important too, because depending on the river you’re fishing, the size of the fish will vary.

Once you’ve hooked a fish you’ll need to make sure it is properly handled, as frigid waters can be a challenge for any species. Be sure to respect the catch limit regulations, and take extra care to release the fish after catching it.

When it comes to the gear that you’ll be bringing on the ice, there are a few things you will want to make sure to have on hand. A shelter, insulated clothing, and winter footwear should always be included. Since you’ll be fishing through a hole in the ice, make sure to bring four-legged ice-fishing chairs and a sled to move your gear around. A pair of locking pliers (for removing hooks from your catch) and polarized sunglasses are essential too.

The beauty of ice fishing in Ontario’s frozen rivers is that these rivers are often teeming with life in both summer and winter months. Whether you’re an ice angler looking to land a trophy trout or salmon, or just someone looking to enjoy the outdoors, being able to be a part of this wonderful experience is an amazing opportunity. Together we can help to preserve the wild rivers of Ontario, while safely and sustainably harvesting these incredible fish!

Ice fishing frozen river for trout and salmon is a unique way to catch these fish. Lake Ontario tributaries do freeze and we they do it can so fun when the steelhead are under the ice. In this fishing video we not only catch rainbow trout but also Atlantic salmon which is super rare and it’s the first time I’ve ever seen one on ice. Some unusual things happen on this day. Lots of firsts! Hope you like the vid!

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