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Ice Fishing CRAPPIE Ontario + Bluegill CATCH and COOK + Jay Siemens Perch Powder

Ice fishing crappie Ontario is not always crappy lol! This an ice fishing crappie catch and cook vid as well as other monster panfish that you may see. Ice fishing crappie, bluegill and big sunfish can be a ton of fun and they’re also perfect for testing Jay Siemens Catch and Cook fish mix. You’ll also see some good ice fishing crappie plastics and key ice fishing crappie baits. I also get to test out a great new panfish ice fishing line that really made a difference. This is one of my favourite Ice fishing crappie videos that I’ve done so far because a new personal best I get. Thanks for watching and please consider subscribing or giving us a like!

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GoPro 👉 Get “Jimmy’s Perch Powder” aka Catch and Cook

Fish Batter here 👉

Got my 3lb Clam Line, Clam Auger Bracket and Mo Glo Baits at my buddy Brian’s store 👉Fish Depot Call them for curb side pick up!


The best tungsten jig for us was the Frostbites in “eye of the tiger “ 👉

My fishfinder 👉G1 Helix 10 with Ice Humminbird Ice Kit ( Retro But Effective ) Get the latest version at Radio World! Ask for Lawren Wetzel and check out his channel while you’re at it!

My AUGER SET UP MIlwalkee Brushless Drill 1/2" 👉

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