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How to FIND and CATCH Crappie - Ice Fishing With Frostbite Tungsten Jigs in Deep Water

Updated: Feb 9

How to find and catch Crappie while Ice Fishing Crappie 2021? Find out in this video.... Ice fishing Crappie has been great so far! On this day my nephew Danny T. joins me for some ice fishing on his home lake. He’s never caught them in wintertime. This was a good opportunity thought for me to teach him how to find and catch crappie in early to mid winter. Ice fishing crappie is so much fun and if you’ve never tried it I think there’s some crappie fishing tips in this video that are sure to help you. The best ice fishing lures for us on this day were fire tiger frostbite tungsten ice jig tipped with smaller baits and the frostbite ice fishing rods we were mostly using for deeper water crappies was the Frostbite Drench. If you’re ice fishing Minnesota or ice fishing crappie, Ontario like we were on this day... the tips and tricks in this video can be applied anywhere. I’ve working hard at shooting and editing my videos but I still ain’t no Jay Siemens! Lol. Getting better though, always forward baby! The rod I preferred for 30 plus feet of water was the Frostbite Drench 👉​ The best tungsten jig for us was the Frostbites in “eye of the tiger “ 👉​ Fish Frostbite YouTube channel 👉​ Lawren Wetzel the fishing Tech Guru’s channel 👉​ My Instagram 👉​ My Merch 👉​ GoPro 👉​ The fishfinder I was using was a G1 Humminbird Helix 10 with ice fishing accessory kit from humminbird ( I preferred this one file hole hopping) The fishfinder Danny T was using was the Lowrance HDI 7 ( Lawren Wetzel loves this one but there’s too many settings to mess around with for me ) MIlwalkee Brushless Drill 1/2" 👉​ SHOW LESS

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