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How To Catch Crappie And Big Bluegill In The Summer

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

Bluegill fishing and cooking go hand and hand . If you haven’t tried them before they’re unbelievable for eating. In this vid I try out my new prototype bait for crappie and bluegill fishing. Also we use Jay Siemens Catch and Cook mix with some Jamaican flavour added. See how our jerk style panfish turns out in this video! I also share some good bluegill fishing tips and techniques for catching them with Panoptix Livescope. The best rod and reel for bluegill fishing on this day was the 7’6” Tactical Fishing Ned Special paired with a Shimano Stradic ci4 1000. Bluegill fishing with light tackle is so underrated in my opinion. There’s lots of great underwater footage in this video using the Aqua-Vu micro and go pros. At the end of the video a legit Rastaman “Mad Max” helps me with my Jamaican Style catch and cook. The F word also does a surprise visit while I’m fishing and we end up catching some big crappie too! Hopefully you the bluegill fishing tips and tricks in this vid will help you when you targeting big summer panfish. And the recipe we used turned awesome, we used our catch from Crappie and bluegill fishing main lake humps. The best bluegill bait on this day was the frostbite tungsten jig with my prototype panfish swimbait.

Summer is a great time to target big bluegill and crappie, as they tend to be more active and can be found in shallow waters. However, finding and catching these fish requires some knowledge of their habits and habitats, as well as the right gear and techniques. In this blog, we'll go over some tips for finding and catching big bluegill and crappie in summer.

  1. Look for structure

Big bluegill and crappie like to hang out around structure, such as logs, stumps, and weed beds. Look for areas with lots of cover and drop-offs where these fish can hide and ambush their prey. Pay attention to the depth of the water as well, as bluegill and crappie tend to prefer shallower waters in summer.

  1. Use the right gear

To catch big bluegill and crappie, you'll need the right gear. A light to medium-light rod and reel combo with four to six-pound test line should be sufficient. You can use a small jig or baited hook with a piece of worm or crappie nibble for bait. A slip bobber can also be effective for keeping your bait at the right depth.

  1. Try different depths

Bluegill and crappie can be found at different depths depending on the time of day and the water temperature. In the morning and evening, they may be closer to the surface, while during the day they may be deeper. Experiment with different depths until you find where the fish are biting.

  1. Use the right technique

Bluegill and crappie can be finicky eaters, so it's important to use the right technique to entice them to bite. A slow, steady retrieve with occasional pauses can be effective, as can a quick twitch or jigging motion. Pay attention to the movement of your bait and adjust your technique accordingly.

  1. Be patient

Fishing for big bluegill and crappie in summer can require some patience. It may take some time to find the right spot and the right technique, so don't give up if you don't catch anything right away. Remember to enjoy the experience of being out on the water and appreciate the natural beauty around you.

In conclusion, finding and catching big bluegill and crappie in summer requires a combination of knowledge, gear, and technique. By looking for structure, using the right gear and bait, trying different depths, using the right technique, and being patient, you can increase your chances of landing these popular game fish. So grab your rod and reel, head out to your favorite lake or pond, and enjoy the thrill of the catch!

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