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How To Catch Crappie And Big Bluegill In The Summer

Bluegill fishing and cooking go hand and hand . If you haven’t tried them before they’re unbelievable for eating. In this vid I try out my new prototype bait for crappie and bluegill fishing. Also we use Jay Siemens Catch and Cook mix with some Jamaican flavour added. See how our jerk style panfish turns out in this video! I also share some good bluegill fishing tips and techniques for catching them with Panoptix Livescope. The best rod and reel for bluegill fishing on this day was the 7’6” Tactical Fishing Ned Special paired with a Shimano Stradic ci4 1000. Bluegill fishing with light tackle is so underrated in my opinion. There’s lots of great underwater footage in this video using the Aqua-Vu micro and go pros. At the end of the video a legit Rastaman “Mad Max” helps me with my Jamaican Style catch and cook. The F word also does a surprise visit while I’m fishing and we end up catching some big crappie too! Hopefully you the bluegill fishing tips and tricks in this vid will help you when you targeting big summer panfish. And the recipe we used turned awesome, we used our catch from Crappie and bluegill fishing main lake humps. The best bluegill bait on this day was the frostbite tungsten jig with my prototype panfish swimbait. USE THE CODE "PERCHPOWDER" and get 10% OFF! USE THE LINK BELOW! Get “Jimmy’s Perch Powder” aka Catch and Cook Fish Batter here 👉 USE The Code “MADMAX” to get 15% off at check out. Tactical Fishing Rods 👉 My Instagram 👉 My TikTok👉

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