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How To Catch Brook Trout CREEK Fishing with lures

We went to one of my new favorite creek to do some trout fishing. We were able to catch some rainbow and brook trout with crankbaits, spoons, roe, spinners, worms and jigs. The creek water level was perfect. It was very full but not flooded and the water clarity was great.We had an awesome day and caught close to 200 BROOK TROUT between the thrdtyhdthfdhdfg

ee of us. We caught them on almost everything we used. We didn't have to work hard to catch trout. We lost a few lures, also lost a few trout but caught more you could imagine. I did find a few interesting things while I was trout fishing that were pretty cool. Overall it was a good day. Sometimes, you have rough day and others are awesome like this one! You just have to stay positive and look on the bright side of things. Everyone has bad days, but if you keep doing your best, you will have more good days than bad da

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