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GIANT SMALLMOUTH BASS 31LB + BAG? Smallmouth Record Again ? | Giant Fish Day with NHL Pro!

On this day we go after over 30LBS of Giant Smallmouth. We attempt to beat our old youtube record of 30.5lbs which Radio Raheem and R Kelly and I got a week ago. This day captured on film was definitely a giant fish day on Lake Simcoe Ontario. But on this day I return with bass tournament pro Josh Westerink aka the ( Chunky Aaron Wiebe ) and a NHL Pro Brian Bickell. He’s a two time Stanley Cup winner from the Chicago Blackhawks but the fish don’t care who you are. Radio Raheem and R-Kell were able to take out Jay Siemens, Apbassing and I with 30.5lbs beating our previous YouTube record of 29.56lbs. Can the NHL champ, bass tourney champ and I take out 30.50lbs? Watch and find out, it won’t be easy. However, Lake Simcoe Fall Smallmouth are some of the biggest Smallmouth Bass in the world. But how giant are these fish? Watch to find out if the giant Smallmouth on this day can surpass 30.5lbs for our best five fish. Our Giant Smallmouth Bass are just getting bigger and bigger up here in Canada. If love giant Smallmouth you definitely have to visit Lake Simcoe, it’s a bucketlist Smallmouth fishery! Ontario Canada is definitely one of the Mecca’s of giant smallmouth bass fishing. And when fall Smallmouth bass fishing you have chance at getting super giant Smallmouth. Giant bass don’t exist everywhere but they do on Lake Simcoe when fall Smallmouth bass fishing in Ontario. 8lbs plus is a realistic possibility here. What’s considered a big Smallmouth bass these days on Lake Simcoe? Well let’s just say people don’t flinch at 5lbers anymore. To donate to the Amanda and Brian Bickell Foundation for helping families living with Multiple Sclerosis click here The line that was most effective for us today was Daiwa Fluorocarbon 8lb The hooks we used were Owner Wacky Hooks THANK YOU so much for watching! SUBSCRIBE for weekly fishing videos! My Website My Instagram 👉 My Facebook 👉 My engine Honda BF 150 👉 My truck Honda Ridgeline Touring Edition 👉 My boat 👉

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