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Fishing With KIDS - CATCH Clean COOK Walleye ( Rideau River, Ottawa SPILLWAY )

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

Fishing with kids can be a handful, especially with half a hockey team lol. On this day my son and his teammates on our way to a hockey tournament in Calabogie but on the way we decide to fishing before hand. We stop to do some shore fishing at Hog’s Back Falls in Ottawa Ontario the Rideau River. I used to fish there in my University days when I attended Carleton University. I try to keep it simple by fishing with worms in hopes of catching a few walleye for a shore lunch. In this video you will see a fool proof way to catch and cook fish that any kid will gobble down. It tastes just like Kentucky Fried Chicken but not as greasy. We also show you how to fillet a walleye on shore with no cutting board. We struggle at first trying accomplish a catch and cook walleye mission. Hopefully these tips can help you the next time you go walleye fishing with your kids! Stay tuned for episode 2. Up next week same time same place. And for more details regarding specifics about our day like set ups, recipe and how to’s go to my blog at My Instagram 👉 MY FACEBOOK 👉

KID FISHING TIPS - Shore or Bank Fishing

Here are few kid fishing tips that might help you when you may be taking your kids or a group of kids ( like you see in this video ).

Bring bait and food....

1. Bring bait like worms or minnows. This will help you get more bites. Even of tiniest of bites can keep kids interested. In this video I would have to have some minnows too but worms were the only thing available and at the end of the day they're way easier to lug around especially when shore fishing or bank fishing like we were on the Rideau River.

2. Bring sunblock food, drinks and snacks. Keep them hydrated and snacks can give the kids some energy and a mental break on a long day on the water.

3. Pick spots that are safe like low water levels during warmer parts of the year that have fish in them. Also I like at least one adult per kid and have a throw bag or floatable safety on hand even in the safest of situations.


- the best fishing gear in this video was a sliding bullet weight with a swivel attached to a 1-2 foot leader attached with a small Aberdeen hook. This type of hook makes it easy to remove hooks from fish but at the same allows for even small fish to get caught. Remember for kids even small fish can be fun and it buys time so that you can up your odds with bigger fishanother great idea when fishing with kids is to use simple in expensive fishing catching products. In this video we used a X-Zone Ned Rig with a Z-Man or X-Zone Ned Zone.

Here's a quick simple vid of the How to rig a Ned Rig....

These are smaller simple baits that can catch everything under the sun and it won't break the bank when you lose a bunch. You might have found them in this months Tacklebox Lottery.

Here's a quick vid of the "sliding bait rig" we used...


- in this video the best rods for kids in that 9-12 year old range is a 6'-7' light - medium action. My kids started at the age of 3 and always used at least a 6' foot rod. For younger kids I personally stick to 6' foot ultra lights or lights with 1000 size reels and less. Ice fishing sized spinning reels on ultralight outfits are great for big kids and ideal for small kids with tiny hands.


- the best fish recipe for kids hands down is filleted nuggets with is Taylors One Step Breading. It's so easy to use, it doesn't burn like other products ( not sponsored ) and can make a non-fish eater into a fish gobbler ( as seen in the video where two kids that hated fish now love it ) It tastes a lot like KFC lol! How can you lose! All you have to do is cut up the fillets into nuggets and shake them in a bag with the mix and they're ready to fry. Any oil works with it and the amount of oil is up to you, it seems to always turn out well no matter what! I love simple when things can be chaotic around you.

For more videos subscribe to my YouTube channel >>> Taro Murata

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