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Detroit WALLEYE Fishing Report / Jay Siemen's CATCH and COOK ( Double Dip Walleye)

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Detroit Walleye Fishing Report for March and April of 2021 is in this video. In this report my old fishing buddy who now local to the Detroit River takes me out for Detroit Walleye Fishing. He shows me some secrets to Detroit River Spring Walleye Fishing. Hopefully you'll learn as you watch through my report of Detroit Walleye Fishing 2021. In March, April and May this region has to be one of the best places on Earth if you want to catch a ton of them. Millions of our marbled eyed friends migrate from Erie and St. Clair to spawn in this productive River. There's also a bonus cameo appearance by the one and only Jay Siemens. We use Jay Siemens Catch and Cook mix for our meal at the end. He teaches us the proper way to double dip and cook our catch with his signature batter. Also please, take in mind this was before Covid lockdown so check the regulations to see if fishing is closed or what the rules are at the given time.

Detroit River Walleye Fishing Tips

Fishing for walleye in heavy current on the Detroit River is an obstacle that many anglers face, but knowing the right tactics and techniques can help you more effectively target these prized fish. Follow these tips to help you jig for walleye in the swift waters of the Detroit River.

1) Find Areas With Structure: The first step in effectively targeting walleye in heavy current is finding the right structure. Walleye typically hold close to structure in swift waters that breaks the flow or gives them a place to hide. Look for rocks, points, sunken islands, weed beds, or fallen trees that can provide cover or impede the current flow. Additionally, current breaks often exist near deep channels and other underwater features, so be sure to target these key areas.

2) Use Heavier Tackle: Walleye on the Detroit River are notoriously finicky so you’ll want to adjust your gear accordingly. To withstand the strong current you’ll need to use a heavy duty setup. Choose a rod and reel combination that is strong and sturdy with plenty of drag. Pick baits and lures that are heavier than what you would normally use in still water to help keep them in place.

3) Work The Depths: Walleye are more likely to be found in deeper water during high current so be sure to focus on depths of 10–20 feet. Keep an eye out for areas with drop-offs and other underwater structure that can draw the fish in. Additionally, use a printable lake map to locate spots where fish may be gathering in deeper waters to save time.

4) Use The Right Presentation: Your presentation is key when it comes to jigging for walleye in heavy current. Start by keeping your bait close to the bottom as walleye usually stay near the substrate. Keep your reel and rod tip lowered, then work the bait quickly back and forth along the bottom. Make sure to experiment with various speeds, directions and depths to see what works best.

5) Mix Things Up: Don’t hesitate to mix up your approach and try different tactics to see what works best. You may need to adjust your jigging depth and speed, or experiment with suspending or floating lures or baits. Some anglers have also had luck using larger crankbaits in heavy current since they provide better lift and stability.

Learning how to effectively jig walleye in heavy current on the Detroit River will take some practice, but following these tips can help set you up for success. Finding the right structure, using the right gear and presentation techniques, and mixing up your approach can help you more effectively target walleye in these challenging conditions. By putting in the effort and experimenting, you’ll be more likely to catch these prized fish.

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Detroit River, where the walleye season is open year-round!

How do you fish the Detroit River for walleye?

  1. Target from shore - with crankbaits or minnow rigs.

  2. Target from boat - with jigging minnows or jigs with a variety of straight shaped soft plastics while drifting downriver.

What is the limit for walleye on the Detroit River?

(5 or 6 per person) The walleye limit on the Detroit River is 6 per person on the Canadian side and 5 per person on the American side depending on where we choose to fish that day.

Is it safe to eat walleye from the Detroit River?

It says 4 meals per month of walleye is safe to eat from this area. You always have the option to not eat them if it makes you uncomfortable though. Remember, many (or most) of these fish do not reside in the river all year and are only there for the spawning period in the spring before they return to the lake.

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