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Bass Fishing (Ontario) New Mudpuppy Lure By Scuffed Baits

On this day we go to scuffed baits lure lab to finalize one final colour before going to mass production. But once we fishing the colour we need to go test it out on some big Ontario Bass! Watch to find out if my new Mudpuppy Lure can catch big bass!

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Find the Powerbox I was using at

Lynac Lithium Batteries 👉

My Outboard 👉Honda Bf-150


Get “Jimmy’s Perch Powder” aka Catch and Cook Fish Batter here 👉

My Truck👉 Honda Ridgeline 2021

Why should I rig my Mudpuppy baits Texposed or Texas Rigged?

With the a bait used with a Texas rig, less fish will be hooked than with a Texpose because the hook point is not exposed; however, the occluded point deters hang ups on debris. The Texpose does not increase bite rate, but its exposed point increases the chance a biting fish will be hooked.

Drop Shot Rigging The 3.5" Mudpuppy

In crystal clear water sometimes in sparse weed cover the drop shot rig with the 3.5" Scuffed Baits Mudpuppy can reign supreme. I like 8-12lb fluorcarbon for largemouth bass in this situation.


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