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Musky Fishing St Clair | GAME OF THICK INCHES!

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Musky fishing St Clair region in late fall is an experience to remember. The fish are fat this time of year and it’s a game of girth inches. The musky can concentrate at various river mouths. In this video we troll and cast for musky as well as some shore fishing. Hope you like vid! Big river musky and lake musky are so addictive! Musky fish Ontario and especially the Windsor region is a world class fishery.

St. Clair Musky Basics

Lake St. Clair is one of the most popular musky fishing destinations in North America. This massive inland inland lake is located between Ontario, Canada, and Michigan, United States. It is the smallest of the five Great Lakes, but it is also one of the most productive musky fisheries in the world. The lake is known for its great numbers of trophy-sized fish, with records showing that it produces more trophy-sized muskies than any other lake in the country. In the summer months, anglers flock to the lake to take advantage of its superior fishing conditions.

Muskies are an aggressive species of game fish, known for their size, power and beauty. They’re an attractive species for anglers of all skill levels, since they are relatively easy to target and offer an exciting and rewarding challenge. As a top producer of trophy muskies, Lake St. Clair plays host to many of the world’s top competitive musky anglers and guiding services.

This article will discuss the basics of musky fishing on Lake St. Clair, including the lake’s top spots, the best time of year to visit and some tips and techniques on how to catch muskies in this world-class fishery.

Les Chenaux: The Best Place to Find Musky on Lake St. Clair

When it comes to fishing for musky on Lake St. Clair, the Les Chenaux Islands chain is widely known as one of the most productive hotspots on the lake. This chain of more than 40 islands runs north-east from the Canadian mainland towards the U.S. border, with two gaps between individual islands – the Big and Little Cut. Les Chenaux is a popular destination because the islands offer a good sheltering effect, allowing big muskies to settle in and avoid the warm, open-water areas for longer periods of time.

The different types of terrain, including reefs, weeds and rock piles, provide a range of habitats for muskies to inhabit. This in turn makes musky fishing on Les Chenaux a wonderful and dynamic experience. Anglers will have a wide range of methods and techniques to deploy, such as drifting, trolling, jigging and casting, each representing a unique and exciting way to target musky.

The Best Time to Visit Lake St. Clair

The weather in Michigan and Ontario can be unpredictable and this can affect when anglers decide to visit the lake. However, the best time to fish for musky on Lake St. Clair is in the summer months. From June through August, the water temperatures rise, causing muskies to move into the shallower areas of the lake to feed and spawn. This can lead to some of the best catches of the season, with many anglers reporting catching trophy-sized fish of over 50 inches in length.

Generally, anglers will be better off targeting Lake St. Clair in the early mornings and evenings for musky fishing, as the low sunlight hours will cause the fish to come closer to shore and alongside the shorelines, making them easier to target.

Tips & Techniques: How to Catch Musky on Lake St. Clair

There are a few methods used while fishing for musky on Lake St. Clair. The most common approach is drift fishing, where anglers will use drift sleeves and worms, lures or flies along the bottom of the lake. Other approaches include trolling, jigging and casting.

Drift fishing is a good technique for targeting musky on Lake St. Clair since it allows for the angler to cover a larger area of the lake and increase the chances of finding a big fish. When drift fishing for musky, it’s important to keep your bait in the upper 20 feet of the water column – this is where muskies are most likely to be found. Also, make sure that you vary the speed and depth of your drift, as different musky can be found at different depths and speeds.

Trolling is a popular method of targeting musky on Lake St. Clair. This involves using downriggers or planer boards to get lures or bait down deeper into the lake and away from the boat. Trolling is a great way to cover large areas of the lake and increase your chances of finding musky. When trolling, make sure to use slow speeds and to use lures that mimic the movements of the prey species that muskies prefer.

Jigging is another effective method for finding musky on Lake St. Clair, especially in shallow water. This involves vertically jigging lures or baits along the bottom of the lake in an up and down motion. This strategy works great for targeting resident musky, but it can also be effective for finding roaming fish. When jigging for muskies, it’s important to pay attention to your line and lure, since musky do not hit lures – they only bump or follow lures.

Finally, casting is a great way to target musky on Lake St. Clair. When casting, the goal is to put the bait in front of a feeding fish so that when it strikes, the lure or bait is taken. This can be done using spinning gear or baitcast gear, and the technique should be varied depending on the type of cover or structure you’re fishing.


Lake St. Clair is one of the best musky fishing destinations in the world. This great lake boasts some of the biggest and best musky catches in the country, with trophy-sized fish ready to be caught. With its diverse habitat, abundant prey species and numerous prime fishing spots, Lake St. Clair is a great place to visit if you’re looking to catch some trophy musky. To maximize your chances of success, be sure to hit the lake during the summer months, target the various islands and bays and use a variety of drift, trolling, jigging and casting techniques. With a bit of luck, the big one is sure to find its way into your boat!

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